Selected publications

Books and technical reports

Now in paperback!  Tobacco, Pipes, and Race in Colonial Virginia 

Social Archaeologies of Trade and Exchange, co-edited with Alexander Bauer.

New Philadelphia Archaeology Project: 2013 Archaeology Report for 2008-2011, co-edited with Christopher Fennell and Kathryn Fay.

Chapters in edited volumes

Reaching for Freedom, Seizing Responsibility: Archaeology at the Phyllis Wheatley Home for Girls, Chicago. In The Materiality of Freedom: Archaeologies of Postemancipation Life, edited by Jodi A. Barnes.

Practicing African-American Archaeology in the Atlantic World.  In Archaeology of Atlantic Africa and the African Diaspora, edited by Akin Ogundiran and Toyin Falola

Alternatives to Traditional Models for the Classification and Analysis of Pipes of the Early Colonial Chesapeake.  In Between Dirt and Discussion: Methods, Methodology, and Interpretation  in Historical Archaeology, edited by Steven N. Archer and Kevin M. Bartoy

The Production and Consumption of Smoking Pipes along the Tobacco Coast. In Smoking and Culture: Recent Developments in the Archaeology of Smoking Pipes in Eastern North America, edited by Sean Rafferty and Robert Mann


Where Tradition and Pragmatism Meet: African Diaspora Archaeology at the Crossroads. In Historical Archaeology.

Demanding a Share of Public Regard”: African American Education at New Philadelphia, Illinois with Claire Fuller Martin. In Transforming Anthropology

Teaching with Digital Archaeological Data: A Research Archive in the University Classroom with Jillian Galle, Mark Hauser, and Fraser Neiman. In The Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory.

Scales of Analysis, Scales of Value: Archaeology at Bush Hill House, Barbados. In The International Journal of Historical Archaeology