Links for “Teaching with (material) culture” workshop

Southern Living (food)

Sunset Magazine (food and drink)

Yankee Magazine (Today: food)

Life at Home in the 21st Century (UC Press; Google preview)

Life at Home in the 21st Century (short videos)

Curricula and content:

In Motion (African diasporas–including material culture)

Colonial Williamsburg (history and archaeology of the US, all time periods)

Intrigue of the Past (history, culture, and archaeology of North Carolina)

Texas Beyond History (history, culture, and archaeology of…Texas)

The Digital Archaeological Archive of Comparative Slavery (archaeology and artifacts from slave quarter sites throughout the US South and the Caribbean)

And, a shameless plug for an article I wrote about archaeology, pedagogy, and digital technologies, initially presented at the Computer Applications in Archaeology meeting in Oslo 🙂